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Made with high quality ingredients, MaxMeat™ is a paleo-inspired, high meat, high protein diet. It's an air dried dog food that follows the whole prey formula which mimics your dog's ancestral diet. Each recipe starts with the highest quality meat available, including muscle and organ meat because, in the wild, your dog's ancestors were eating the entire animal. This allows for a concentrated, bioavailable source of protein and amino acids.

Added to these high quality, New Zealand sourced protein sources, are stomach soothing pumpkin and nutrient dense parsley. This holistic formulation is gently air dried to maximize nutrition and palatability, creating a nutrient rich, jerky style food that is complete and balanced. Enjoy every one of the unique feeding opportunities, including everyday meals, high value treats, or a powerful protein boost to your dog's regular food.

Real Meat Protein

  • Grain free MaxMeat utilizes paleo-inspired muscle and organ meat to maximize protein and contains no plant protein sources

  • Holistical, science based formulation allows for better daily nutrition with smaller servings - saving you money.

High Quality Ingredients

  • MaxMeat contains only high quality ingredients sourced from New Zealand

  • These recipes are made with real, free range meat that is raised without the use of added antibiotics or growth hormones.

Unparalleled Taste 

  • MaxMeat uses a gentle air drying process that not only maintains high nutrient levels, but offers unparalleled taste and amazing jerky texture

  • Each diet has the real meat taste dogs love and is ideal for finicky eaters - making a perfect food topper or an everyday meal.

Air Drying Process 

  • Air drying is a gentle process that briefly heats MaxMeat to 160°, allowing for the optimal balance of protein, nutrient retention and flavor

  • This unique process allows the thin, quarter sized slices of MaxMeat to be served as easily as kibble, while offering far superior nutrition

Ways to Feed Max Meat

ADD it to Kibble 

Mix MaxMeat with any kibble to offer a high protein, paleo inspired addition to every day meals.

ADD it to Canned Food

MaxMeat is perfect for mixing with canned diets, adding a protein dense component to hydrating canned meals.

FEED it as a Full Meal

Unlike other toppers, MaxMeat is also a complete and balanced meal, perfect for the high protein, high meat diet your dog craves.

FEED it as a Treat

MaxMeat is also an incredible option for healthy treating. The taste offers a high value treat and the ingredients offer nutritional benefits.

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