100% Premium Pet Products
100% Premium Quality Pet Prodcts

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100% Premium Pet Products

Species Appropriate
Over the eons, the dietary needs of dogs and cats has not changed. When you alter their natural diet, you alter their health, resulting in all forms of disease.

100% Premium Pet Products

What they need
Pets need wholesome, natural,

chemical and additive free food and treats.  Avoid grocery store pet foods which contain aritifcial supplemets that don't digest properly.

100% Premium Pet Products

Our Canine Companions require mainly meat, organs, and bones, like the felines. They can derive high nutritional value from eggs, fish, veggies, fruit, and even herbs.  Avoid GMO grains. 

100% Premium Pet Products

Our Feline Friends are true carnivours.  Their digestive system is designed for meat, organs, and bones. They have no use for plant based foods. Grains and veggies are best kept to a minimum or avoided.

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